How I Rate Books

I use a five star rating system, but I also use half stars when I feel it is necessary.

The guidelines below are a little vague, because there are so many reasons I can like or dislike a book. That's why I like to do reviews so I can get into more detail.

Additionally, I don't rate books I don't finish. To me, it isn't fair to give a rating when I haven't read the whole story. If I do read more than half I'll try to do a review to explain why I didn't finish the book.

1 Star: Hated the book, barely finished, wouldn't recommend.

2 Stars: Not my style, didn't like, probably wouldn't recommend.

3 Stars: OK, enjoyable, recommend with reservation, probably wouldn't re-read.

4 Stars: Enjoyed, would recommend, might re-read, but I could put it down.

5 Stars: Favorite, un-put-downable, forcing it on people I loved it so much.

*At this point I have never given 1 Star to a book and 3 or 4 stars are my most common ratings.

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