Sunday, December 28, 2014

2015 Bookish Goals

These are my book-related goals for 2015. Last year I had some reading goals, but I wanted to expanded my goals a little bit this year.

Reading Goals
~Total: 100
~Completed Series: 15
~Re-reads: 10
~New-to-me Authors: 15
~Classics/Non-Fiction: 5
~Big Books (over 500 pages): 5
~Blood of the Fold by Terry Goodkind

After looking over my reading for 2014 I feel like these are realistic goals. I combined Classics and non-fiction because those are two genres I tend to avoid and figure 5 total is more approachable. And just like last year these will be listed in their own tab and I will mark them off as they are completed.

I want to do written reviews of at least 80% of the books I read. For about the last half of 2014 I reviewed basically everything I read and I would like to stay on that trend.

I would also like to do video reviews of at least 50% of the books I read. To me this means they are reviewed in a video separate from my wrap-ups.

I don’t have any particular “goals” connected to videos other than the one mentioned above when it comes to reviews. But I am going to switch from monthly wrap-ups to weekly wrap-ups.  They will probably be posted on Mondays.

Book Buying
I don’t think I have a book buying problem because I can afford every book I buy. I also don’t have a problem with having a lot of TBR books. But I have prioritized paying off my student loans and I hope this will help me with that goal. Additionally, I would like my TBR books to always fit on the bookshelf I currently store them on, so hopefully this will keep that under control. Below is how I plan on handling my book buying in 2015.

1)      For every 3 books I read I can buy 1 book.
2)      Re-reads do not count toward the 3 books.
3)      I am able to do a post-Christmas haul with the money I get for Christmas/Birthday
4)      I will begin the year by buying 5 books in January.
5)      If I unhaul 10 books I can buy 2.

I also did a video talking about these goals:


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