Review Policy

If you are an author or publisher and would like me to review your book, please read my review policy first.

Types of Books I will accept:
~Young Adult (I’ll read pretty much any subgenre except horror)
~Romance (I’ll read pretty much any subgenre)
~Graphic Novels
~Adult Fiction (Chick Lit especially)

Book Formats I will accept:
~Physical books

1)      My reviews will be honest. There is no guarantee you will get a good review, because I can’t guarantee I will like your book.
2)      I can’t guarantee I will read a book by a certain time, but you can request a specific time and I will try my hardest. And I ask that you let me know when you first ask me to review the book if you have a specific request.
3)      Generally I read series in order. So, if you are asking me to read a book in a series please also provide the previous books or expect a delay in my review.
4)      I will always mention where I got a book from in my review.
5)      Reviews will be posted on this website, Goodreads, and occasionally on my youtube channel. I cannot guarantee a video review. Will post to Amazon and Barnes and Noble if requested.
6)      I rate my books on a 5 star rating system. If you want to know, generally, how I rate books check out "How I Rate Books"

If you would like to send me a book, please e-mail me at: I will respond as soon as possible.

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