Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Review: Fifty Shades Darker by E L James

Series: 50 Shades Trilogy

Format:  Paperback

Pages:  532
How I Got It:  Borrowed
Rating: 4 Stars

                So, I just finished the second Fifty Shades book. And just like my first review this will have spoilers throughout.  I’m also going to mention things I talked about in my first review so you may want to check that out before going into this one.
                To start I want to address some things from the previous book. Ana is still not as strong and developed as I would like. She really doesn’t have much personality or story outside of Christian. But she isn’t bothering me as much. Then, there’s the dialogue. It’s still a little British and formal but it feels less choppy. I think. At this point, I’ve read over a thousand pages so maybe I’m just getting used to it. And lastly there’s the inner goddess/subconscious thing. I mistakenly called it her conscience in my first review. It still bothers me that she’s constantly berating herself. And I’m not sure subconscious is the right word for what she’s describing.
                Let’s discuss Ana’s job. One: Christian needs to be calm down and not get involved at all. But how did she go from assistant for a week to editor? I’m so glad Christian wasn’t involved, but there are so many reasons this wouldn’t happen and pulled me right out of the story. And I’m glad them e-mailing through work e-mails finally has a consequences. Anyone who has had a corporate job knows those suckers are monitored and I kept thinking that during the first book.
                The pacing really bothered me in this book and is a huge part of why the whole marriage thing bothers me. I feel like there’s never a moment to breath. Every chapter has fighting, self-doubt, and sex. There are never a few chapters with mature conversation and uninterrupted happiness. It’s hard for me to see them fight all the time all the time and then get behind a marriage proposal. Plus, they just have the same fight over and over again: it’s always ‘don’t you trust me’ and ‘why are you with me?’ and ‘don’t leave me.’ I just want them to actually work through these if they are going to get married. Or maybe really try to work on these.
                Quick side note: is it me or are they pretty co-dependent?
                Christian. Christian, Christian. I still think he’s the more intriguing character and hope for something from his POV. In a lot of ways he has grown. He’s actively working through his issues and is trying to be a good partner. Also, I’m not sure if I love or hated when he went submissive. It broke my heart, but it was nice to see another side of him. I kind of wish it had lasted longer so we could spend more time with that part of him. And I’m glad we got to know more about his past-with his mom, the Grey family, and Elena. Although the whole beating and having sex with women that book like his mom is a little Oedipal for me.
                Time to talk about Elena/Mrs. Robinson. Personally, I’m not sure I like her, but I wanted Ana to meet her. For good or bad she’s a huge part of Christian’s past. But I’m not sure about her feelings for Christian. She seemed to be team Ana toward the beginning, but after the marriage proposal she got angry. So was she pretending before? I’m confused and I hope she shows up in the next books so I can get some explanations.
                I did enjoy this book more than the first one and I’m looking forward to reading the last book. I want to know what happens with Jack and Elena. I also hope the next book covers more time and Christian and Ana actually resolve some issues like their insecurities and self-hatred. I also kind of want them to have a conversation about kids. Well, we shall see what happens and I’ll be back with a review of the last book.

~Thanks for reading!

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