Saturday, August 9, 2014

Review: Fifty Shades Freed by E L James

Series: 50 Shades Trilogy

Format: Paperback

Pages: 579

How I Got It: Borrowed
Rating: 4 Stars

                If you didn’t read my reviews of the first two books I would check them out. And you should know this is going to be full of spoilers.
                I thought this was a decent conclusion to the series and I was fairly satisfied. Mostly I’m grateful Christian was able to work through a lot of his issues. Granted I had to go through the same argument over and over and over to get there. And I kind of wish they had done more with the pregnancy storyline. It showed Christian’s growth and was a new issue, but it wrapped up quickly.
                Speaking of conflicts let’s talk about the whole Jack Hyde situation. Personally, it felt like she needed a conflict separate from the romance so here comes Jack Hyde. There wasn’t enough ground work laid out in the second book to justify his actions. And, in this book, it seemed to come and go as an issue based on when Ms. James needed it.
                I will say I liked the epilogue. It was a good length, appropriately in the future, and gives closure. Also, thank you for some off-page sex. Don’t get me wrong there’s still too much sex (I started skimming those scenes), but I’m glad she stopped describing every time they have sex.
                Although there was still the constant fight, angry sex, make-up sex, I love you. Repeat. I complained before that it would have been nice to have more happy times (A.K.A. moments to breath) and this book did have some of those. You have to celebrate small victories.
                I feel like this review is kind of unorganized and I apologize for that. I am planning on doing a full series video review and will link it on the blog when I do.
                To quickly sum things up I did enjoy these books more than I expected and I am glad I read them. Do I have issues with the series? Yes. Would I recommend them? Cautiously. Would I re-read? Probably not. Will I see the movie? Yes, because I’m curious to see how they handle the content, plus Jamie Dornan (I love and miss you Sheriff Graham).

~Thanks for reading!

P.S. I want to say I hope this movie does well. As a romance reader I of course want my favorites to be adapted. I hope that a success for Fifty Shades could be a catalyst for that. I think a huge part of romance is the sex and adapting that to film can be a challenge. So good luck Fifty Shades of Grey.

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