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Review: Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover

Format: Paperback

Pages: 367

How I Got It: Purchased

Rating: 5 Stars

                Colleen Hoover is an evil person.  Maybe she sold her soul to the devil. That’s what you need to know. I mean, how else could she continuously write books that make me feel the way her books make me feel? And I thought I wasn’t going to even like Maybe Someday, because of the content. I loved this book.
                So let’s get into it. Basically, this is a cheating book-which I’m not a big fan of. They make me uncomfortable. Really the only one I’ve read and enjoyed is Anna and the French Kiss. I actually decided not to read Maybe Someday because of the subject matter. But Colleen posted on Facebook that she also doesn’t like cheating books, but couldn’t get the characters out of her head. This changed my mind and I bought the book.
                OK, I loved this book. It was full of well-developed perfectly flawed characters. The tension, both internal and external, for the characters was handled spectacularly.  And the music was beautiful. Since part of the story is them writing lyrics Colleen Hoover worked with musician Griffin Peterson to write and produce the songs. I highly suggest listening to the soundtrack while reading the book, because it enhances the experience.
                I have felt this way before, but Colleen is so skilled when it comes to building relationships. Some authors would only focus on the romantic relationship between Sydney and Ridge, but not Colleen Hoover. In a short period of time we are able to understand the dynamics between Sydney and Hunter and Sydney and Tori. Plus the relationships we get more as it continues like Ridge and his girlfriend, Maggie, or Ridge and Warren. I even liked the constantly changing relationship between Sydney and Warren. Their friendship may be my favorite, because of how much it goes through.
                To sum it up I loved this book and the characters, It is great and I would recommend it even if you are apprehensive like I was. Maybe Someday is also an excellent entry to New Adult if you’ve never read one before.
                And now onto the spoilers. And as a warning this is probably going to be long, because there’s  a lot I want to talk about.
                I guess the most obvious spoiler is the fact that Ridge is deaf. I didn’t see this coming and why would you? It added such an interesting layer to the story. I love when there is textual communication in books, so this basically forced it. Of course I loved it.  Naturally, his deafness led to some pretty steamy scenes between Ridge and Sydney. Reading about them making music together were some of my favorite scenes. Then, there was the part when he finally spoke to her. His choice to verbalize showed how much he cared for her and trusted her. His deafness also gave them an opportunity to show how badly they wanted to be with her-with him learning to sign and his working on speaking.
                Then there is Warren and Sydney. Like I said before, this is probably my favorite relationship. It’s interesting to see how their relationship grows and evolves. I’m sure some people don’t like Warren because of the way he starts to treat Sydney. But that is why I like him. He is trying to be a good friend to Ridge and Sydney and sometimes that means being harsh.
                Another thing I enjoyed was how the whole cheating situation was handled. First, is that Maggie is a good person that Sydney and we, the reader, like. It would have been easy to make her a bitch. But this makes the conflict for Sydney and Ridge even more complicated. The whole time I was reading I was conflicted: I wanted Sydney and Ridge together, but I didn’t want Maggie’s heart to be broken.
                Another thing that was incorporated as well was that Sydney had been cheated on.  So, she was constantly aware that she was potentially doing to Maggie what had been done to her. She even acknowledges that she’s turning into a ‘Tori’.  My one complaint is that I wish Sydney went and talked to Tori. Maybe they wouldn’t be best friends again, but they should have had a conversation. Especially since Tori probably wasn’t some horrible person just like Sydney isn’t a horrible person because of her relationship with Ridge.
                Maybe Someday might be my favorite Colleen Hoover book and I cannot wait for another book by her. It’s going to be a long painful wait.

~Thanks for reading!

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