Saturday, August 2, 2014

Review: Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

Format: Paperback

Pages: 336

How I Got It: Purchased

Rating:  4 Stars

                It’s been a few years since I read a chick-lit type book that wasn’t written by Sophie Kinsella so I didn’t know what to expect. Can this even be considered Chick-lit since the protagonist is a guy? I guess I’m just going to say yes.
                Generally, I enjoyed this book and gave it four stars. I was nervous about reading from a male POV, but I loved Lincoln. Rainbow Rowell knows how to write relatable characters. I feel like I’ve gone through or an experiencing things he has to deal with.
                The characters were ridiculously well-developed. It makes sense that Lincoln would be fully developed, but Jennifer and Beth could have fallen flat. I mean, could have fallen flat. I mean, for the most part, they are only portrayed through their e-mails. And they are e-mails between each other so it’s not like they need to share everything about their backstory since they are friends. But you get to know them and I feel like I am their friend. It makes Lincoln’s feelings for them even more believable.
                As a child of the nineties I’m so glad Rainbow Rowell set the book in 1999. It added an extra layer to the story and in a way makes it timeless. And she does a good job of building the world in case you don’t remember it. And if you do remember there are so many funny references. For personal reasons, I loved every time Lincoln mentioned Quantum Leap.
                This is my second Rainbow Rowell book and I’m definitely becoming a fan. I’ve also noticed that her books are about self-discovery and personal growth (at least based on what I’ve read).

~Thanks for reading!

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