Friday, October 3, 2014

Uncommon Criminals by Ally Carter

Series: Heist Society (Book 2)

Format: Paperback

Pages:  298

Rating: 4 Stars

How I Got It: Purchased

                Ally Carter writes great clean books. And she writes in a way I don’t read very often. The Heist Society books remind me a lot of the TV Show Leverage which is one of my favorites.

                I did enjoy this book, but I don’t have much to say. Kat’s character went through a lot and I’m glad she faced some struggles and doubts.

                And Kat and hale. I definitely hope this really goes somewhere in the next book, but I love seeing their relationship evolve. It’s a very organic friend to boyfriend/girlfriend growth.

                I only have one real complaint. Sometimes I got confused when it came to the heist/con parts-especially at the end. Granted, sleight of hand can be heard to convey in a book. I do plan on re-reading these and hopefully it will be clearer then. 

Thanks for reading!

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