Tuesday, October 7, 2014

What I Love About You by Rachel Gibson

Format: Mass Market Paperback

Pages: 370

Rating: 3 Stars

How I Got It: Purchased
                I’ve been a little disappointed with Rachel Gibson lately. I did like this better than Run to You, though. Honestly, her books are usually hit or miss for me.

                This book was full of some Rachel Gibson standard story points: kids, Idaho, battling addiction.

                There were moments when it felt like a four star read. I liked Natalie and her daughter, Charlotte. Her ex-husband was an interesting story point and I’m glad he wasn’t a complete ass. My favorite relationship was the one between Blake, Charlotte, and Sparky-the dog.

                But some other things brought my rating down. My main issue is how quickly the “L” bomb was dropped on both sides. Especially for Natalie. I felt she barely knew anything about Blake when she decided she was in love with him.

                And Blake seemed to shift from being anti-relationship to madly in love crazy fast. There was actually a point where I turned the page and so did his personality. So, naturally I thought some pages went missing. But, no.

                Even though this book was a disappointment I’ll keep reading Ms. Gibson’s books, because when they’re good they are great. If you’re looking for a good one I would suggest most of her hockey player books like See Jane Score or Nothing But Trouble

Thanks for reading!

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