Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Review: A Steel Town by Chloe T. Barlow

Series: Gateway to Love Book #3
Format: Ebook
Rating: 3 Stars
How I Got It: Purchased
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense
Publisher: Self-published

Synopsis courtesy of Goodreads

How do you protect the woman you love, when you fear you are the very person who could destroy her?
Claudia McCoy has been told what she can't do enough for one lifetime. After a near-fatal childhood battle with juvenile diabetes and having to accept that her dreams of serving in the military would never come true, she's thrilled to begin a life on her own terms. Yet, when she finally starts her career in the FBI, Claudia is furious that her condition and overbearing big brother, Wyatt, have both once again interfered with her ability to have the life she truly wants. Now derailed from her high-profile aspirations of a position in the FBI's D.C. headquarters, she is instead planted far away from the real action, and practically right in her brother's Pittsburgh backyard.
Trey Adler is known for fixing things, but he's broken just as many — leaving him with regrets that never go away. He'd be the first to agree he should stay away from a nice girl like Claudia, but he can't deny his friend Jenna Sutherland's request when she asks him to use his position as a temporary FBI consultant to keep Claudia safe — especially as it's clear this little firecracker needs protecting. Far away from all the action she so craves, Claudia is more determined than ever to prove herself in her first major investigation at whatever cost — and those costs are proving to be dangerously high.
Their battle of wills turns quickly into a powerful need for one other, making them both rethink everything they ever wanted.
Will Trey be able to keep her alive long enough to give them an opportunity at something real together — a future that can survive the danger in their present, as well as the darkness of his past?


Based on the synopsis, I was really prepared to love this book. I mean, the heroine is dealing with diabetes and people's treatment of her because of it. And Trey had that sweet bad boy thing going on. But it kind of let me down.

The writing was one of the disappointing thing. It was stilted and didn't always make sense. And every character had a nickname. This isn't horrible, but the constant switching between real names and nicknames which was confusing. I regularly found myself distracted and not paying attention.

Generally, I liked Claudia and Trey. I didn't really have any issues with Trey. My only complaint is that he's a little too protective. Claudia is likeable and feisty. But she want to be taken seriously when she constantly makes bad decisions with her diabetes. You can't have it both ways. Her past also wasn't as developed as it could've been. Maybe it would have been better if I read her brother's book, but I shouldn't have to.

This was a little bit of a suspense read which isn't my favorite. But there wasn't a lot of danger boner which I appreciated. I can't promise I will read another Chloe Barlow book, but I am mildly interested in the other characters so it might happen.

Thanks for reading!

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