Friday, August 5, 2016

Review: Lingus by Mariana Zapata

Stand Alone
Format: Ebook
Rating: 4 Stars
How I Got It: Purchased
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Humor
Publisher: BookBaby

Synopsis courtesy of Goodreads

Most people would describe Katherine Berger as a responsible girl with a big heart, a loyal friend who takes care of those close to her, and the possessor of a wicked sense of humor. There was something about her that most people didn't know. "My name is Kat Berger, and I love porn."

When twenty-five-year-old Kat is dragged to a porn convention by her best friend, she's both embarrassed and nervous. The last thing she ever expected was to meet someone who makes her laugh like no other. This is a story about acceptance and friendship, and a love born out of the most unexpected of places.
I have some conflicted feelings about this book, but overall, I would say I liked it. Based on the synopsis I thought it would be like Wallbanger by Alice Clayton-which is a personal favorite. And it does have some similarities. This is advertised as a romantic comedy and it is, but a R-rated one.

There is a ton of situational comedy in here which I appreciate. But some things just didn't make sense or work-like the thing were she gets her period. And Tristan and Kat have a really good natural banter. They became good friends before having a romantic relationship which I really liked.

The whole porn story line was were I had most of my issues. Personally, I don't think I could be with someone who was actively doing port so I get Kat. And it was a great opportunity to explore sexuality. But if often felt like a punch line. And Ms. Zapata would hint at more, but not deliver. I don't want to go into spoilers so I'm being kind of vague.

I was also disappointed by the amount of slut shaming. Kat can watch porn and her best friend can do porn (not a spoiler) but all the other women who do it are huge sluts. That just left a bad taste in my mouth.

Thanks for reading!

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