Monday, June 12, 2017

Review: An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir

Series: An Ember in the Ashes Book #1
Format: Ebook
Rating: 3 Stars
How I Got It: Borrowed from Overdrive
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy
Publisher: Razorbill

Synopsis courtesy of Goodreads

Under the Martial Empire, defiance is met with death. Those who do not vow their blood and bodies to the Emperor risk the execution of their loved ones and the destruction of all they hold dear.

It is in this brutal world, inspired by ancient Rome, that Laia lives with her grandparents and older brother. The family ekes out an existence in the Empire’s impoverished backstreets. They do not challenge the Empire. They’ve seen what happens to those who do.

But when Laia’s brother is arrested for treason, Laia is forced to make a decision. In exchange for help from rebels who promise to rescue her brother, she will risk her life to spy for them from within the Empire’s greatest military academy.

There, Laia meets Elias, the school’s finest soldier—and secretly, its most unwilling. Elias wants only to be free of the tyranny he’s being trained to enforce. He and Laia will soon realize that their destinies are intertwined—and that their choices will change the fate of the Empire itself.


This probably won't be my best review, but I feel like I need to review this.

Generally, I enjoyed this book. It was interesting and I liked the characters. But I found it a little lacking. A big factor in this is the world-building. I don't understand all of the politics and the mystical elements are even more confusing. Hopefully, this is being done on purpose since the characters don't know everything, but it didn't feel like it.

I'm certainly curious to see what happens to the characters, but I might wait until its complete. This feels like a series that could be drawn out and I don't have the burning need to pick up the next one.

Thanks for reading!

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