Sunday, August 17, 2014

Review: Fallen Too Far by Abbi Glines

Series: Rosemary Beach (1)
Format: E-book
Pages: 272
Rating: 3 Stars
How I Got It: Purchased

                I wanted to like Fallen Too Far. I heard good things about the series and Abbi Glines in general. And I was definitely sucked in-I read the book basically in one sitting. But overall I found it lacking. Both the characters and plot were not as developed as they could have been. Most of the time I didn’t even know why the two main characters were making the choices they made. And a lot of the time I felt like the book was more about the sex than the characters.
                There were some good things though. I enjoyed a lot of the side characters like Grant and Woods. My understanding is that Woods gets his own set of books and I am excited to read those. I also liked the ending-it was a risk for a book in this genre but I appreciate the courage it took.
                I wouldn’t say not to read this, but go in with caution. If your library has these books I would suggest that instead of buying it. Although if you like the writing style of The Beautiful Disaster books by Jamie McGuire you would probably enjoy this book.
                OK. Now let’s talk spoilers because I have some things to say.
                First, let’s talk about Blaire. For the most part I liked her. I respect what she went through with her mother and sister. I also like that she wants to work hard and doesn’t want to be a mooch like her dad. And I understand her struggle with her attraction to Rush. It is perfectly normal to be sexually attracted to a good looking guy.
                My issue is that she just succumbs to him without much of a fight. Even though they may have only spoken to each other for maybe a total of five minutes she loses her virginity to him. And she continues to sleep with him even though he’s slept with a handful of women in the very brief time she’s known him. And they don’t always use birth control-yeah that won’t backfire or anything.
                OK. Let’s move on to Rush. I kind of feel bad critiquing him because he isn’t the one telling the story. I’m trying to reserve total judgment until I read Rush Too Far which is supposed to be his side of the story.
                But I will say that he doesn’t voice anything. He’s quiet and moody and when he talks it’s basically just to yell or be angry. He’s in his twenties and has taken care of his mother and sister for years, but doesn’t know how to use his words like a grown-up.
                All of this being said I was sucked into the story and I do plan on continuing to read the series. If for no other reason than I want to read Woods’ story. Hopefully, he doesn’t turn into a jerk when he goes from side character to protagonist.

~Thanks for reading!

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