Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Redhead Plays Her Hand by Alice Clayton

Series: Redhead #3

Format: Paperback

Pages: 304

Rating: 4 Stars

How I Got It: Purchased
                So I lied.

                I said in my last review I was planning to wait on this book but I didn’t. This is what Alice Clayton does to me. She needs to write faster so I have more to read.

                Grace actually matured a lot. Part of the reason I wanted to wait was because I was afraid she would back slide. But she didn’t. She learned from the events in book two and tries to use that in this book.

                Which brings me to Jack. His behavior bothered me, but in a good way. I understood why he did what he did, but I was frustrated along with Grace. I think this shows how good of a writer Ms. Clayton is.

                Now, I want to get to some spoilers.

                First, is Holly and Michael. I still like Holly and her relationship with Grace. It’s hard because their relationship is personal and professional, but it works. And I’m so glad the sexual tension is gone between Michael and Grace. I much prefer for them to be like brother and sister.

                Then, there’s the fact that Holly and Michael got together. I didn’t see that coming, but it completely works.

                My only real complaint is the ending. It felt a little quick. The first two books didn’t end where I would have expected and I liked that. And this one was hard, because they just “fixed” their problems. I would have been more satisfied with another chapter or two. Plus, there’s barely any story once their relationship goes public. That was such a big story point I just want a little more.

                That proposal was adorable though.

                Overall, I enjoyed this whole series. I appreciate the age difference storyline and a peak into Hollywood life. I gave all three books 4 stars, but I do have a preference. This is how I like them from favorite to least: The Unidentified Redhead, The Redhead Plays her Hand, the Redhead Revealed.

                I also did a series video review. If you want to check it out I’ve linked it below.

~Thanks for reading!

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