Monday, December 15, 2014

The Lady and the Fox by Kelly Link

Anthology: My True Love Gave to Me

Format: Hardcover

Pages:  26

Rating: 2 Stars

How I Got It: Purchased

                I felt like I was just reading this story to get onto the next one. I find Miranda to be an interesting character and the story definitely has potential. As a full length story or maybe a novella it could be very good.

                There seemed to be too much going on for less than 30 pages. I have questions about Miranda’s mom, the Honeywell family, the Lady, and some other things. I’m more confused about what happened in this story than anything else.

                But if you’re into a more free-form or abstract story then this might be for you. And the writing style is definitely something that would be some people’s candy. This story just isn’t my cup of tea.

Thanks for reading!

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