Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Ruby Circle by Richelle Mead

Series: Bloodlines (Book #6)
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 348
Rating: 5 Stars
How I Got It: Purchased

I can’t believe this is over. And if I’m being honest-I hope it isn’t. I have theories/thoughts on what she could do if she wanted to continue writing in this world. And to be clear-I’d buy those books in a second.

I actually had to force myself to read this because I knew I would put it off. I’m a firm believer that if you don’t read the last book in a series it isn’t actually over. And I wasn’t disappointed. The book is shorter than the others, but she still neatly tied up the plot.

Adrian and Sydney were their normal awesome selves. Seeing them deal even with normal couple things was great. For me, those things help me really get invested in a couple. I’ve seen some people complain about Adrian’s behavior, but he didn’t bother me. He did walk the line of creating drama by not talking to Sydney, but it was fine. The shorter book probably helped with this.

The plot and twists were also spectacular. Talking about anything would be a spoiler, but I liked what Ms. Mead did with the characters and the situations she put them in. If you’ve read the book: I loved Declan and what he brought to the story.

This wasn’t my favorite-The Indigo Spell, if you want to know. But I was satisfied with the conclusion. And I’ll be honest, if I’m satisfied with the last book in a series I LOVE I’ll usually give it five stars even if there are a few minor problems. If you’ve enjoyed the rest of the series I think you would like this book.

I do with Abe had shown up. I love him and would’ve liked a last look at him.

Thanks for reading!

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