Monday, October 5, 2015

Review: The Many Sins of Lord Cameron by Jennifer Ashley

Series: MacKenzies and McBrides Book #3
Format: Mass Market Paper Back
Pages: 320
Rating: 4 Stars
How I Got It: Purchased
Genre: Historical Romance
Publisher: Berkley Sensation

Synopsis courtesy of Goodreads

 Cameron Mackenzie is a man who loves only horses and women—in that order—or so his mistresses say.

Ainsley Douglas is a woman with a strong sense of justice and the desire to help others—even if that means sneaking around a rakish man's bedchamber.

Which is exactly where Cam finds her—six years after he caught her the first time. Only then, she convinced Cam she was seeking a liaison, but couldn't go through with it because of her husband. Now a widow, she's on a mission to retrieve letters that could prove embarrassing to the queen. Cam has no interest in Ainsley's subterfuge, but he vows to finish what they started those many years ago. One game, one kiss at a time, he plans to seduce her. And what starts out as a lusty diversion may break Cam's own rules—and heal the scars of a dark and damaging past...


This is my least favorite in the series. It’s still a good historical romance with strong characters. And it definitely set me up to be excited for Hart and Daniel’s books.

Ainsley was fantastic. I can’t really say why, but I really like her as a character. She’s a good and kind person. I also really liked her interactions with Daniel. They helped humanize both of them. And I typically don’t like kids in books.

Cameron is a likeable character. With him, I really liked seeing him with the horses and Angelo. But I wish Ms. Ashley had gone further into his past and his relationship with his wife. I’m very interested in exploring the emotional ramifications of that. The story still worked, but I wanted a little more.

Thanks for reading!

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