Monday, July 10, 2017

Review: Blood Vow by J.R. Ward

Series: Black Dagger Legacy
Format: Ebook
Rating: 3 Stars
How I Got It: Borrowed from Library (Overdrive)
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Ballantine Books

Synopsis courtesy of Goodreads

The Black Dagger Brotherhood continues to train the best of the best to join them in the deadly battle against the Lessening Society. Among the new recruits, Axe proves to be a cunning and vicious fighter—and also a loner isolated because of personal tragedy. When an aristocratic female needs a bodyguard, Axe takes the job, though he’s unprepared for the animal attraction that flares between him and the one he is sworn to protect.

For Elise, who lost her first cousin to a grisly murder, Axe’s dangerous appeal is enticing—and possibly a distraction from her grief. But as they delve deeper into her cousin’s death, and their physical connection grows into so much more, Axe fears that the secrets he keeps and his tortured conscience will tear them apart.

Rhage, the Brother with the biggest heart, knows all about self-punishing, and he wants to help Axe reach his full potential. But when an unexpected arrival threatens Rhage and Mary’s new family, he finds himself back in the trenches again, fighting against a destiny that will destroy all he holds most dear.

As Axe’s past becomes known, and fate seems to be turning against Rhage, both males must reach deep—and pray that love, rather than anger, will be their lantern in the darkness.


This was a good book, but it let me down a little bit. The romance was rushed-which is normal for these books. I liked the characters-especially Elise. My main problem is that I cared more about the Rhage and Mary storyline than the Axe and Elise one. This should be about Axe and Elsie, in my opinion. The problem is that I've been wrapped up in Rhage and Mary's story for like 10+ books so it isn't hard to feel that way. I wasn't as emotionally invested in the romance between Elise and Axe. I'm glad they're happy and everything but it just didn't quite grip me.

Thanks for reading!

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